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'The Cailleachs House' rises out of the bog that blankets Sleibh Gullion mountain.

Its the highest passage tomb in Ireland, its 5000 years old and its aligned to the setting sun at the winter solstice. The light from the setting sun travels up the passage and lights up the inner chamber.

The Chamber was originally dark for the rest of the year but the corbelled roof has collapsed. The others have lasted 5000 years so maybe its the building materials available in the environment. The moutain itself is an extinct volcano and its exposed to the elements at 573 meters above sea level.

The passage tomb has a strong role in folk culture as the home of the Cultic Cailleach and the local geography all has her name on it. A nearby lake is hers and theres a hill called the Cailleachs chair. In Myth its the house of the blacksmith Culainn where Cu Chulainn gets his name by killing the smiths dog and taking its role as protector of the land.

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